At Fast Photo UK, we offer more than a photography service. We are creative consultants; art directors who work with you to achieve not just a portfolio of professional images but a consistent, powerful brand image. With extensive experience in all our service areas, we can help you strengthen and develop your brand and demonstrate the qualities of your products and services to your customers.

White Background Photography

White-background photography is the industry standard for e-commerce, product retail. As a requirement for certain platforms (including eBay and Amazon), having clean, clear, detailed, white-background product shots in your portfolio is a must. Shot in a white studio environment, lit to maximise the accuracy of detail and professionally edited, we ensure that edges are crisp and colours are bold giving you the high-quality finish you need. (Coloured backgrounds are available on request.)


Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is essential to engage with your customers. Demonstrating just how your product will fit into their lives is a powerful selling tool and helps develop the aspirational qualities of what you provide.

Ideal for use in product listings but also in brochures and as part of advertising campaigns, our lifestyle images will connect your product with your customers.

With a wide range of locations, studio environments and props at our disposal (plus the ability to travel), make the most of our creative influence and ensure your product stands out from the crowd.

Ghost Mannequin Photography

Traditional mannequins are unsightly while using professional models can be expensive and isn’t always appropriate. With a ghost mannequin shot, your customers can see exactly what an item will look like on the body without distraction or additional costs.

An essential tool for online traders, which works especially well when combined with lifestyle photography, we can make sure your products are shown in the best light.

Most commonly shot using a white background, other colours and locations are available on request.

Specialist / Artistic Product Photography

Looking for something beyond a traditional product photography service? We work with you to create images which not only fit with your brand image and house style but maximise its reach and effectiveness.

Digital images form an increasingly large part of a brand’s portfolio spanning e-commerce, social media and print advertising and in world where you have seconds to grab the attention of a potential customer, creating stand-out, eye-catching images is essential.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a style guide or you want to refresh the one you have. With extensive experience of marketing and brand management, we can help you create the perfect style guide for your brand and the images to go with it. Make the most of having a creative director on your team and elevate your brand to the highest level.

Commercial / Property Photography

Professional images of your property & business premises. Show potential customers what your shop looks like to gain trust and brand awareness.

Food & Drink Photography

Getting the perfect picture of your 5-Star Risotto can be hard, that's why you should leave it to us. we have various techniques in place which can preserve the colour and texture of food for extended periods of time to allow us to get the perfect picture.