Ghost Mannequin Photography | Liverpool

Using a mix of physical and digital photography skills, your clothing items can have the appearance of looking filled out, guaranteed to increase interest.


Ghost Mannequin Photography

Particularly essential for fashion eCommerce, ghost mannequin photography is the shooting of clothing products. The clothing is placed on a mannequin before the mannequin is then removed via image editing. This cleverly creates the impression of a filled out garment without having to hire expensive models or showcase unsightly mannequins in your marketing material.

All of your garments are treated with the upmost care. Once we have sorted through and labeled, they are then gently steam cleaned to remove larger creases. Each item is styled on one of our mannequins to ensure fitment is correct and the item looks it's best. We then shoot the item from a variety of angles before taking it to the edit suit to finish the effect.

We pride ourselves on transparency, therefore we have a simple no mess no fuss pricing structure which can be found here!


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